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Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel (1973)  link to Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel on IMDb  

Nummer: 100

poster Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel

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7.9/10 (7310 Stimmen)

Land: Czechoslovakia, 75 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Deutsch, Tschechisch

Genre: Drama, Abenteuer, Fantasy, Familie, Romanze

Regisseur: Václav Vorlícek

The film stars Libuse Safránková as the title character, a young woman who is put upon by her stepmother and stepsisters. The film employs a twist, though, when a handsome prince comes knocking. Cinderella does not simply fall into the prince's arms. In this version, he must actively pursue the young woman who is a skilled sharpshooter prone to wearing hunting outfits. Cinderella also has three wishes at her disposal, gained from three magic nuts.


photo Libuse Safránková Libuse Safránková Popelka
photo Pavel Trávnícek Pavel Trávnícek Prince
photo Carola Braunbock Carola Braunbock Mother
photo Rolf Hoppe Rolf Hoppe King
photo Karin Lesch Karin Lesch Queen

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Verliehen: Nein

Seitenformat: 4:3