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Timm Thaler - Komplette Serie (1979)  link to Timm Thaler - Komplette Serie on IMDb  

Nummer: 11

poster Timm Thaler - Komplette Serie

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7.5/10 (275 Stimmen)

Land: West Germany,

Filmsprachen: Deutsch

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Abenteuer, Mystery

Regisseur: Sigi Rothemund

The series is based on the novel by German author James Krüss. It tells the story of Timm, the boy who traded in his infectious laugh for the ability to win any bet. The man who did the devilish deal with Timm is the wealthy businessman Baron de Lefouet, who is even more successful in business now he has Timm's engaging laugh to win him friends. Timm, on the other hand, soon realizes that life is not the same without the ability to laugh, and he sets out to find the evil Baron and try to regain the ability to laugh.


photo Horst Frank Horst Frank Baron de Lefouet, 13 episodes, 1979-1980
photo Bruni Löbel Bruni Löbel Schwester Agatha, 9 episodes, 1979-1980
photo Marlies Engel Marlies Engel Frau Thaler, 7 episodes, 1979-1980
photo Arthur Brauss Arthur Brauss Voges, 3 episodes, 1979
photo George Rigaud George Rigaud Selek Bei, 3 episodes, 1980

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Seitenformat: 4:3