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Ein Pyjama für zwei (1961)  link to Ein Pyjama für zwei on IMDb  

Nummer: 192

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7.2/10 (6029 Stimmen)

Originaltitel: Doris Day 3er Box

Land: USA, 107 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Englisch

Genre: Drama, Komödie, Romanze

Regisseur: Delbert Mann

Jerry Webster and Carol Templeton are both in the advertising business, but for different agencies. Annoyed by Jerry's methods of using alcohol and women to ensure contracts for his agency, Carol tries to get him thrown out of his profession. To avoid this Jerry bribes the girl who'd testify against him, by starring her in a TV commercial for a product named VIP that he's just made up. By accident these commercials are broadcasted and to keep his job, Jerry has to come up with VIP for which he enlists the help of Doctor Linus Tyler. Carol goes to see the Doctor to try and get the VIP account, but because she and Jerry have never met, she mistakes Jerry for the Doctor. Jerry then takes advantage of this situation to win her.


photo Rock Hudson Rock Hudson Jerry Webster
photo Doris Day Doris Day Carol Templeton
photo Tony Randall Tony Randall Peter 'Pete' Ramsey
photo Edie Adams Edie Adams Rebel Davis
photo Jack Oakie Jack Oakie J. Paxton Miller

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Seitenformat: 1.85:1