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Schuld und Unschuld (2007)  link to Schuld und Unschuld on IMDb  

Nummer: 217

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7.3/10 (29 Stimmen)

Land: Germany, 176 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Deutsch

Genre: Drama

Regisseur: Markus Rosenmüller

Through her affair with the good-looking, but unfortunately married manager Dirk Dewinter (Florian Fritz), the attractive Johanna Fischer (Tanja Wedhorn) snatches the lucrative position as a PR consultant in the pharmaceutical company of Dirk's wife Margot Dewinter (Nina Petri). The Hamburg AG is close to the approval of the revolutionary cancer drug Connegil, the sales and production licenses are already sold to a Swiss pharmaceutical giant. Its board wants to increase the forecasted billions in profits even more by shifting production to cheap foreign countries. Margot Dewinter wants to stick to the company traditions and secure the location of Hamburg.


photo Florian Fitz Florian Fitz Dirk Dewinter
photo Nina Petri Nina Petri Margot Dewinter
photo Peter Franke Peter Franke Jonas Peterson
photo Andy Gatjen Andy Gatjen Frederick
photo Sylvester Groth Sylvester Groth Jakob Raffael

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