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Is' was, Kanzler (1984)  link to Is' was, Kanzler on IMDb  

Nummer: 256

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4.6/10 (34 Stimmen)

Land: West Germany, 92 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Deutsch

Genre: Komödie

Regisseur: Gerhard Schmidt

Bonn, October 1982: The German political scene turns out to be illusory world, which is controlled by the United States. "For security reasons" lets the CIA stand in for important German politicians in public, including the Chancellor. But its doppelganger suffers massive loss of reality and should therefore be eliminated. Unfortunately, when the action of the real Chancellor is accidentally transported to the afterlife ...


photo Thomas Piper Thomas Piper Erwin
photo Constanze Engelbrecht Constanze Engelbrecht Rosi
photo Gert Haucke Gert Haucke Herr Hillermann
photo Traugott Buhre Traugott Buhre
photo Otto Tausig Otto Tausig

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