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Nummer: 326

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6.3/10 (1989 Stimmen)

Land: USA, 101 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Englisch

Genre: Drama, Musik

Regisseur: Guy Ferland

Karchy (Brad Renfro) is a boy in school who has moved from Hungary to America in the 1960s. He is struggling in school and trying to adjust to America's culture. He then hears about a radio DJ, Billy Magic (Kevin Bacon), who holds a contest for a Student Hall of Fame every week. When Karchy finally wins after several weeks, he spends more time with Billy Magic...a man with money, girls, and glam. Karchy thinks that, by spending time with Magic, he can become "cool". He then starts telling lies, to make himself seem greater than he really is. But when his lies begin hurting the people he cares about, he realizes that it isn't worth telling lies if it affects your friends. Afterwards, he learns to accept himself for the person he is, and gives up lying. And as for Billy Magic, it turns out that he pays his price for all the lies that he has told as well....


photo Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon Billy Magic
photo Brad Renfro Brad Renfro Karchy 'Chucky' Jonas
photo Maximilian Schell Maximilian Schell Dr. Istvan Jonas
photo Calista Flockhart Calista Flockhart Diney Majeski
photo Paul Dooley Paul Dooley Father Norton

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Seitenformat: 2.35:1